Total Home Donation

in Memory of Dr. Wyatt E. Winters

Humanitarian, the late Dr. Wyatt E. Winters, Realtors and Contractors continue giving back to the community.

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Recently RE/MAX ELITE Realtor Jennifer McCoy was on a listing appointment in Cape Canaveral, Florida and was pleasantly surprised with the request of the estate. “All proceeds will be donated to the estate’s favorite charities,” said a representative from Dr. Winter’s estate.

Dr. Wyatt E. Winters passed away December 23, 2006 and will be missed by many. He was a true humanitarian who always donated his time and money to numerous charities. All proceeds, which is estimated to be upwards of $350,000, from the sale of his home will benefit over 20 charities.

After discussing this unique listing appointment with her partners, Realtors Bobby and Nikki Freeman, volunteered to donate 100 percent of their real estate commission to the Children’s Miracle Network.

The home is located in Harbor Heights, a wonderful beachside community in Cape Canaveral .

“This home is in need of major renovations,” said Jennifer McCoy of RE/MAX ELITE. “We have partnered with Total Home Contractors and they have agreed to help fix the property up with the help of many of their strategic partners,” she said.

Total Home Contractor and RE/MAX ELITE have thus far received donations from several suppliers. “If we reach our ultimate goal of a total home makeover, the selling price could reach up to $350,000 or more,” said Rob Donovan of Total Home Contractors.

Per Dr. Winter’s request, all furniture has already been donated to Habitat For Humanities.

On Monday 3/26 contractors met at the home on 337 Coral Dr. in Cape
Canaveral for the first time. WFTV Channel 9 News was also there to cover this exciting charity event. This has already created much excitement around the Space Coast and many local businesses and volunteers have expressed interest.

At 10:00 am, Saturday 3/31 contractors will start the makeover process. WFTV Channel 9 will again be there to cover the beginning stages of the much needed renovation sometime around 10:30 am.

“I believe the more awareness we can get, the more the community will come together and donate their time and services to make this a HUGE TOTAL HOME DONATION,” said Bobby Freeman of RE/MAX ELITE.

Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 – Day 4

Sold! Cape Canaveral house left for charity fetches $161,000

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  • McCoy-Freeman Group RE/MAX ELITE – 100% of their Real Estate commission to the Children’s Miracle Network
  • Total Home Contractors – General Construction and Management
  • Richards Paint – Interior/Exterior Paint
  • Sunbelt Rentals – Equipment rentals
  • Kuhn General Contractors – Roof
  • A & B Printing – Yard sign
  • WP Construction – Labor
  • VJA Cabinetry – Labor
  • Roy’s Lawn Salon – Labor
  • Bradco – Shingles
  • Berith Painting – Paint Labor
  • Mayo Electric – Interior electrical (lights and Labor)
  • Marcela Kemp Cleaning – Interior Cleaning
  • Brevard Site Cleanup – Dumpster and trash removal
  • Mako Mill Work–  Interior Trim (material)
  • Security Systems Specialists – Security System Labor
  • Seabreeze Security – Security System
  • Savings Safari
  • Kitchen & Bath Design Center